Gender: Female

Species: Squirrel

Place of Origin: Southsward

Appearance: Albino squirrelmaiden with a pretty figure - eyes and nose are black. When performing, wears a shiny/silky long-sleeved white tunic, pantaloons and a hooded cowl (through which her ears protrude) of the same color, and a broad black belt studded with jetstones. Has a jetstone insignia of a swallow in flight on the left side of the tunic chest. When not performing, wears a rather ornate red robe tied with a white cord.

Personality: Friendly and unassuming. Loves her husband. Has incredible skills of balance and juggling.


Hori was the wife of Tangus, the mother of many anonymous squirrelbabes, and a member of Sambucus' Simply Spiffin' Circus. She grew up in Castle Floret, and  was the youngest daughter of the current  Squirrelking and Queen. Her albino fur made her feel a little out of place, and she found a connection with the son of the court minstrel and jester (Tangus), who also was albino. The pair played as Dibbuns together, then grew up and fell in love.

When Hori announced her intention to wed Tangus, her mother approved, but her father, though glad she had found a soulmate, just couldn't bring himself to give his blessing to the marriage of a princess to a jester. He also disapproved of her unladylike interest in juggling, but felt terribly guilty about this as well, especially when it was revealed she was insanely good at it. His torment was so obvious that the the hare Sambucus, who led a traveling troupe and was a good friend of the rulers, decided to step in. He offered the solution that Hori and Tangus go ahead and marry, but then join his Circus if they wished so the tension would be removed from the Castle. Hori and Tangus, both having desired to travel, leapt at the chance. They would later perform in many juggling and balancing acts with the rabbit Florimund, the circus' current juggler. During that time, Hori had so many children that Sambucus began to consider it an ill omen if a winter went by without a new babe being born.

Hori and Tangus stayed with the circus well into their old age, raising their children and grandchildren there - when the Circus was amicably dissolved after Sambucus' death, their family had grown so large they became a seperate traveling troupe of their own.

Hori was a minor character. Nothing further is known of her.

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