Pretty, isn't he?

Species: Ferret/Stoat

Origin: n/a

Weapon: Spear

Appearance: A brown ferret/stoat with a light grey sack vest. He wore some armour. 

Personality: Hogtoe was known to be much kinder than the ones he was surrounded with. He disliked Skullug after he beat Gnarlspike. He was lazy.



Nothing is known of Hogtoe's origins, but he eventually fell in with Zemmerug Zitspike and his crew. He was first seen trying to get Skullug, a fellow crewmember, to stop beating Gnarlspike the fox slave, but he was eventually overruled by Skullug and Hogtoe's arguments were of no use. He was next seen sleeping on guard duty, whilst guarding the slave tent in a campsite. He may have been slightly responsible for Skullug's death, for when he was sleeping Gnarlspike used Skullug's dropped dagger to kill him out of revenge. The fox then fled. He was almost taken as part of the band that chased after him, when a rat named Brownback stated that he liked Gnarlspike and Hogtoe should not be allowed to chase a slave that he liked. Hogtoe, in punishment for taking a fancy to a slave, was beaten and put on guard duty. He was the first to spot Furgy and Gurrbagg the rat foragers coming into camp. The two rats were attacked and Gurrbagg was killed. The other fled. Hogtoe is not mentioned again until after Atran's death when he is seen with the remainder of Zitspike's crew, leaving mossflower. 

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