species stoat

gender male

place of origin unknown

weapons sword and pistol

appearance gray fur. wears gray seacoat with buttons made from melted down silver stolen from ships. wears a wide brimmed hat with seagull feathers in it.


Hector Graytail was the first mate of Tarrizin the claw. However he overthrew him and became captain. He and his crew later attacked Northport and his crew captured the Young mousemaid Buttercup. He and his crew took her to an unnamed island where he was followed by Tarrizan. The two fought where he was shot by Tarrizan andd presumbly killled.

However it turns out he was still alive and along with Buttercup traveled to samperta and convinced it's ruler Rubar Madeyes to join the war against the Mossflower trading company.

Graytail once again stole the Waveclaw from Tarazzin.

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