Gender: Male

Species: Stoat

Place of Origin: Unknown

Appearance: Elderly male stoat - very wrinkled in countenance, with grey and silver patched fur. Tailtip is black - underbelly is white. Nose and eyes are black. Has a very pronounced stoop, but keeps his teeth and claws immaculate. Wears a thick white robe belted with black cord, with a black metal breastplate over that. Weilds a short sword thrust through the belt. Also has a white cloak.

Personality: Grouchy and bigoted, and also very bold.


Haygart and his three anonymous assistants were healers, and very good at their jobs. However, Haygart refused to treat anybeast that was not mustelid, rat, or fox - ironically, because of this, he found himself shunned by most vermin hordes, which usually carried their own healers with them already.

Haygart's luck changed when the Warlady Lunarah Dawnrider ran across him and his cronies during her travels, and recruited him to be her personal healer. Haygart served her well for many seasons, but refused to heal her slaves and servants when they were injured. He only got away with this disobedience because Lunarah could not afford to lose him, knowing she couldn't get another healer as good as he in a hurry.

Haygart eventually persuaded Lunarah to allow him to build a large, covered wagon to carry his supplies, and also to serve as his headquarters. This was eventually stolen by some slaves and wrecked beyond repair.

When the army fell under attack, Haygart proved his worth again by bringing back a badly wounded Officer from the brink of death, thus ensuring his life was spared. He also treated Lunarah for a horrible facial wound, though only partially, as she couldn't bear to let even him look upon her damaged beauty and finished the dressings herself. He either was killed or ran away when the Bruinne attacked and scattered Lunarah's army. Haygart was a minor character - nothing else is known.

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