Gender: Male

Species: Osprey

Place of Origin: Northern Highlands

Appearance: Large, young male osprey with the typical color marks of the breed. Likes to thread small rings on his feathers.

Personality: Helpful and obedient. Partial to shiny things.


Harron was a young male osprey under the command of Lady Gale, who was the communal leader of most highland ospreys and kites. He was ordered by the Eagle's Council to spy on Lunarah Dawnrider and her horde, a job he did fairly well. He also helped to carry messages between Dunner the rabbit and Bowlaynee Castle after the former was stuck in an abandoned shipwreck with a massive treasure trove. When a rescue was sent, Harron stayed in the ship and playfully picked out what he would have liked to have been his share of the treasure (mostly small rings he could thread on his feathers). Later, during another spy mission on Lunarah, he got too close to the vermin camp and was seen, shot down, and eaten by the vermin. 

Harron was a minor character. Nothing else is known.

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