The Guttro clan was a Mossflower-dwelling band of about twenty stoats, all either siblings or distant family members of their cheiftain Tikah. They were allies with the Painted Ones, and posessed a drum which they could beat to call up their more barbaric comerades at any time. They were all lazy, argumentative, and rather stupid, yet brutally cruel to any helpless beast unlucky enough to fall into their clutches; they took great delight in torturing defenseless beasts, and were unusually good fighters (for a cowardly robber band) when the need arose.

When an emaciated Sy Stoneclaw came through Mossflower, the stoats were frightened by her and gave her a beating that would have killed a lesser beast, stealing one of her gold earrings and a few other trinkets from her in the process. Later, when the blind, ancient and insane Krozfoxx Seer Zaikee came their way, loaded down with a massive amount of baubles and magician's paraphanalia, the Guttro Clan were ecstatic. They divested him of everything he owned and began to torture him with spears; he called down curses on them, saying they would be destroyed by a ghost from the dead. His words turned out to be somewhat true when a revived Sy Stoneclaw barged into the camp, along with an army of Redwallers and Branchbounders. The stoats called up the Painted Ones, but to no avail; Tikah and the Painted Ones Cheiftain were both slain, and the survivors of the ensuing battle fled.

Tikah's brother Frisz took over the chieftancy; he and the Painted Ones' other ally (a band of toads) chased down and attacked the group of goodbeasts again in an attempt at vengeance. However, Zaikee, who was still tagging along with the goodbeasts, accidentally set fire to the whole swamp about during the stalemate. Most of the remaining Guttro Clan Stoats were slain, and the rest, and their erstwhile allies, fled in all directions.

Known/Named MembersEdit

  • Frisz (deputy chieftain)

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