Gender: Male

Species: Bankvole

Place of Origin: High North Coasts

Appearance: An extremely young volebabe, only just old enough to toddle, with dark brown fur. Wears a makeshift tattered smock made from an old green plaid kilt, belted with sombeasts' discarded bandanna.

Personality: Too young to have much of one yet. Is obedient to a point, but does like to have fun and sometimes ignores conventions or rules in that pursuit.


Guffle was the son of Donnabel. He, his mother, and the tribe of mice and voles they lived with were taken captive by the Ranks of the Shadow when they refused to pay food tribute to the vermin. They were kept imprisoned most of the time, only being allowed out to work their lost fields when necessary.

When the opportunity arose, Guffle and his mother escaped aboard the Bowbolt with the rest of the slaves. During their journey to freedom, they were attacked by the searat pirate Rugg Tornpaw, who took Guffle hostage; the volebabe was saved from an unpleasant fate by the wildcat Roan.

When the Bowbolt crash-landed in the Whisperers' caves, the fugitives were taken in and cared for by the bats that lived there. Guffle became good friends with the batbabes his age, and started to mimic their upside-down hanging and repetitive mode of speech. At one point, he dangled upside down from Bowbolt's crow's nest, but got stuck there and had to be rescued by some of the bats. Guffle was a minor character; little else is known.

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