Gender: Male

Species: Pine Marten

Place of Origin: Unknown

Appearance: Middle-aged marten, somewhat burly of build, with a messy bush of fur on top of his head, both ears chewed ragged in fights, and a fixed squint. Fur is brown, darker brown on the paws and tail, with beige on the chest and throat. wears a floppy dirty yellow tunic beneath an even floppier sleeveless orange-red one; both are belted with a huge, shell-studded band about his middle. Has no jewelry save three long necklaces of black and white pearls; also wears makeshift black wrapped cloth-strip "armbands" and "stockings" through which his pawtips protrude. Sometimes wears a blue cloak and adderskull mask. Weilds a long sabre.

Personality: Whiny, complaining, and short-tempered, with a bit of a yellow streak in him.


SPOILER!!!! If you haven't read GINGIVERIAN don't read all the way to the end of this!

Like the rest of the beasts on the ship Redclaw, Gronk's past up to the point when he made a name for himself as a corsair is unknown. He was the First Mate, and a close friend of Ringgob the Cook. When the crew of the Redclaw joined the Ranks of the Shadow, Gronk, perforce, joined as well. Being skilled in both fencing and wrestling, he became a higher ranking officer in the vermin horde, and accompanied his Captain on nearly every important mission. He was among those chosen to hunt down the escaped prisioner Siyuzin Stoneclaw, who had fled to Redwall Abbey; the hunt became long and arduous, and many of the vermin died along the way. Gronk was one of the handful who survived; however, he complained the whole way until his Captain threatened to kill him.

When the band tried to sneak into the Abbey unseen, they accidentally ran afoul of a band of Dibbuns who were trying to run away from home; the little ones screamed so loud Dankfur had Gronk kill one of them to stop it. This proved to be a huge mistake, as a vertiable army of Redwallers witnessed the tragedy and soundly routed the vermin. Gronk himself got into a fist-fight with Ayeriss Pinspikes, away from the main conflict; this duel eventually wound up on the walltops. Realizing he was losing, Gronk tried to take Ayeriss by suprise and push her off the wall; Ayeriss, however, grabbed his cloak as she was falling, and he was yanked off the wall to land headfirst on a stone, dying instantly. His death caused Ringgob and several others to begin to question the wisdom of their leader, which eventually contributed to the downfall of the Ranks.

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