Gender: Female

Species: Pine Marten

Place of Origin: Unknown

Appearance: Very harsh-looking muscular adult pine marten, who appears older than her years, and even a bit masculine. Fur is reddish tan, which fades to darker brown on her legs, arms, and tail. Chin, throat and chest are white. Wears a red sleeveless tunic with a black belt, through which is looped a strangling wire (or sometimes two). Also has a black sash tied about her brow, a gold armband just beneath her left shoulder, and a large greenish-grey spiderweb tattoo over her right shoulder and neck, with the dangling spider on it's thread (which runs down her arm) on the back of her right forepaw.

Personality: Quiet, and very severe. Has next to no sense of humor. Doesn't like prolonged, bloody torture or killings; prefers sniping with strangling wires.


Little is known of Gribby's early history; she, like the rest of the crew of the Redclaw, seemed to materialize onto the scene from lands unknown. She was the only female in the crew, and sometime during her years of being a corsair she wed Dankfur Clawhook, the captain, later giving birth to two sons (Gatlak and Zalbu). Gribby and her family were unusual, as far as vermin families go; though they had their disagreements, they were very loyal to one another and had a high sense of family honor. This was mainly due to her influence, as her husband Dankfur was a more solitary type by nature.

Some seasons later, the crew of the Redclaw willingly joined the fleet of the Ranks of the Shadow, and found such favor with the Black Shade who ruled the ranks, they were promoted to the highest offices. Gribby was sent along with her husband on all his most important missions, including the attack to claim the ship Bowbolt for the fleet. Gribby played a major part in this, beheading the ferret captain of the Bowbolt with her strangling wire.

When a prisoner managed an escape from the Ranks and fled to Redwall Abbey, Gribby and Dankfur pursued her. About two weeks into the cross-country journey, she was unfortunate enough to attract the attention of a pike while crossing a river; she was torn to peices, and her remains were brought back to the Ranks by Yirta.

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