Gender: Male

Species: Ermine

Place of Origin: Land of Ice and Snow

Appearance: Scruffy, aging, one-eyed ermine. Fur is grey all over,save for a black tailtip. Nose and eyes are pin. Wears a black and red checkered long-sleeved tunic, a black metal breasplate over ths, and a brown belt with a tarnished steel buckle. Also wears a black metal helmet with a chain-mail nose and chin guard hanging down the front. Weilds a short sword.

Personality:  Insolent, but a coward at heart and easily bullied.


Graegar was one of Lunarah Dawnrider's many underlings. When the horde's ship Night Heron crashed in a highland estuary, Lunarah and most of her army made their way to their next raid target on foot, leaving behind Graegar and his fellow underling Odbil to gard the ship. They were captured by owls led by Grandfather Burne,  and forced to give information to the Council of Warlike Highland Birds by King Bluddfedder MacSavage and Prince Iram MacScutta. They were then exiled with the warning that the birds of prey would eat them should they ever return to the Highlands.

Graegar was a minor character - little else is known.

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