Species: Fox, hence his name

Origin: Possibly on the Cutthroat Falcon

Weapon: unknown

Appearance: An orangy-red fox with stunning black eyes. There was no white in them at all. Eyes very shiny. Fox wears a yellow cape. 

Personality: A very smart and evil fox. Always thirsty for vengeance. He murdered and killed since almost his very beginning. 



Gnarlspike presumably was born on the slaveship named the Cutthroat Falcon, captained by Atran the Tyrant. He had a small friendship with Burglebuber, but this was likely forgotten when he was stolen from Atran by Zemmerug Zitspike and got caught up in affairs there. He and the other slaves stolen alongside him attacked Skullug and Kubber during a storm, for the two vermin where the only ones on deck at the time. They nearly killed both, but then the ship hit rocks and they were all knocked unconsiuous. Zemmerug then accused him of stealing his name, for Gnarlspike and Zitspike both have "spike" inside them. He was treated harshly and beaten, mainly by Skullug, out of revenge. One day Skullug, and the other guards were dozing and Gnarlspike grabbed Skullug's dagger, killed him with it, and escaped. He stole many spears as he went. Later when this was discovered, Kubber and fellow officer Baggs went out after him. He them both, along with the trackers they brough, and fled out into mossflower wood. Later, he was taken as a slave by Musdet the Wild, a tyrant wildcat. But then his past friend Burglebuber, a commander of a vast horde, killed the wildcat and gave the slaves a choice to stay in the wrecked wildcat's fort or come with him to Redwall Abbey. The fox stayed, for he wanted to become a villain and a king, instead of a goodbeast at redwall. Then he went crazy, probably due to heat, and eventually went seeking revenge from Burglebuber, when he ran into Zemmerug Zitspike again. He stole dibbuns from Redwall and was going to throw them into a hole with Diablire the snake when Zemmerug, who had accompanied him rebelled and Burglebuber attacked. His horde was all killed and he himself fell into the hole with the snake and died. 

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