Gender: Male

Species: Pine Marten

Place of Origin: Somewhere on the High Seas

Appearance :A young-adult marten, with icy grey eyes and an unusually dark, rather scruffy brown pelt. Legs and forepaws have blackish "stockings"; half his tail is also that color. His chin, throat and chest are a creamy orange color. Is heavily adorned with dirty gold/bronze earrings, pawrings, anklets, and tailrings, but has no necklaces. Wears an indescribably torn and tattered dark-grey shirt and black pantaloons. Also wears a large black belt, and wields a long saber, in a proper sheath. Occasionally dons an adderskull mask and an embroidered blue cloak.

Personality: Foward and sometimes impudent, but deferential to authority when it helps his own ends. Is very intellegent. Has an unusual familial devotion to his father and brother.



Gatlak was the son of Dankfur Clawhook and Gribby, and the elder brother of Zalbu. Like his brother, his name was a reversal of that of a member of ancient villain royalty; their parents thought the namesakes would be good inspirations for their son's careers as corsairs and no-goods.

Gribby gave birth to Gatlak while onboard Dankfur's ship Redclaw, so he had no definite place of origin. He grew up on that ship and was rigerously trained in the ways of the pirate. He was more slovenly and impudent than his younger brother, but the more dominant personality of the two. He was fiercely devoted to his family, not so much through affection as through a sense of familial honor.

When the crew of the Redclaw willingly joined the fleet of the Ranks of the Shadow, Zalbu and Gatlak became officers in the army in charge of guarding prisoners. They accompanied their parents on a mission to take new prisoners, but when this went wrong and an escape was managed, Gribby and Dankfur left the brothers behind while they pursued the fugitive. Some time later, Gribby's remains were found in a pike stream, and Dankfur seemed to vanish off the face of the map; in his absense, the Black Shade promoted the brothers to temporary seconds-in-command.

When Dankfur returned many seasons later without the prisoner he had been chasing, he fell out of favor with the Black Shade, and Gatlak and Zalbu were installed permanantly as leaders. However, their loyalty to their father caused them to secretly obey his commands while making it seem like orders of their own, thusly letting their father still run things. Gatlak and Zalbu later took Dankfur and some of their old shipmates with them when they were sent to fend off an attack by some goodbeasts. However, they ran afoul of the hare Shermy and his band, who scattered them in all directions. Both Gatlak and Zalbu stayed behind to fight, but were both slain by the hare.

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