Gender: Male Species: Black-footed Ferret

Weaponry: likes using a very modern crossbow. For close range a spiked double-bladed broad sword. Plus many poisons for the arrows and the sword to be dipped in...


Scarred all over the body. There is a rumor that every scar is a battle he won. He wears light bronze armor, boots and a Viking style helmet. The fur on his paws are black, while the rest of the fur is a mixture of brown and white.


Clever, well-spoken and always smiling, you may think he is a nice guy. In fact he’s a ruthless, cold-blooded killer.


  1. He has served the Smalltail rein for seasons as their Assassin and General. He knows all about killing, thieving and stealth that even a master assassin looks like a beginner to him. When he was traveling to Mossflower, he was the one who thought of dumping the Alcohol in the River Moss.

Stories or RPGs inEdit


The Warlord (In making)

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