Gender: Male

Species: Rabbit

Place of Origin: Border of Highlands

Appearance: VERY old but still perfectly healthy and active rabbit, with the shorter ears and hindlegs (as compared to hares) of the species. Fur is silver, fading to dark tips on the ears. Whiskers droop and face is lined with age, but figure is still comparatively strong. Eyes are dark blue. When not performing, wears a red, long-sleeved shirt and black pantaloons, over which he dons a greasy cook's apron. Has a gold ring through his left ear. When performing, wears a shiny black, long-sleeved tunic and black hooded cowl (through which his ears stick out) over the pantaloons. The tunic has a sparkling white-quartz insignia of a swallow in flight over the left side of the chest. Also wears a white-quartz-studded belt.

Personality: Sage and wise, but not without a certain sense of humor. Loves cooking and treats the skill like an art. A proficient juggler and a great storyteller.


Nicknamed the "Ageless One", Florimund was the cook for a tiny traveling troupe, until that troupe's members perished one by one of old age. When asked by a recruiting party from Sambucus' Simply Spiffin' Circus if he would like to join as cook, the rabbit leapt at the chance, also offering to use some of his performing skills. He joined the other jugglers in their act, and though every season the other jugglers expected him to retire, Florimund never seemed to grow old physically, and the ringmaster of the troupe declared the strange rabbit would outlive them all.

Unfortunately for Florimund, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time when a malicious weasel set a landslide down a hill for the fun of it. He was killed instantly, and a young dancer named Withe, who had been his apprentice, succeeded him as cook.

Florimund was a minor character. Little else is known.

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