Fleck is a weasel in Flametail's command. He is the second in command. Fleck is usually very bossy, always ordering the horde around. Fleck is a seer as well, meaning he is a valuable asset to Flametail's command. Fleck's mate, a blueish weasel named Tornpaw, is a fat slobbish creature.

Fleck usually wears a brown tunic with a red belt, with a red helmet to match. He is lanky and sinewy. He wears braided red tailrings on his tail. Fleck dreams of one day leading the horde. In his spare time, he plans attakcs on Flametail the fox, plans to kill him. Fleck's weapons are a sword, spear, or dagger. He is in his mid seasons.


Appearance- Lanky with grey fur. Has brown spots on his fur, earning his name "Fleck".

Weapons- Sword, spear, and dagger.


Related to- Ferago the Assasin.

Age-38 seasons.

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