Gender: Female

Species: Badger

Place of Origin: Northern Highlands

Appearance: Unknown, save she was elderly and looked a bit like Lobelia.

Personality: Unknown


Faydra was the wife of Ogard and the grandmother of Lobelia. The trio were wandering healers, but moved to Bowlaynee Castle after robbing vermin slew the rest of their family. Faydra suffered from vertigo, and was later killed by a flock of scavenging crows when she had a dizzy spell and fell off the walltop of the castle. Lobelia, a seer, was uspet that the vision she'd had of her grandmother's impending death did not help prevent the circumstance - it bothered her for seasons to come.

Scotty Bluefleck later dreamed of Faydra when she was unconscious and badly wounded in the War with Lunarah Dawnrider - however, the badger was in the shadow and the haremaiden couldn't see her clearly. In the dream, Faydra told Scotty (who thought she was dying) that she was not fatally wounded. She also reassured the skeptical hare that she would not only live, she would outlive several friends, see the war end, marry, and bear children.

Faydra was a very minor character. Nothing further is known.

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