Gender: Unknown

Species: Bat

Place of Origin: Whisperer's Caverns

Appearance: Unknown

Personality: Unknown


All we know of Eech was mentioned in retrospect by Captian Ijago. Eech was a Whisperer during the leadership of Empress Ahamai, and was in charge of guarding the prison cells in the bats' domain. S/he, Ekko, and Greeneye were slain by Rugg Tornpaw, a searat they were holding captive; he stabbed all three when he was making an escape. The bodies were later mummified and dropped in a bottomless pit, as was Whisperer custom. S/he was rather large for a bat, and his/her body was the hardest to carry to the pit, prompting the wildcat Roan to step in and assist. 

Eech was a minor character. Nothing else is known.

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