Gender: Male

Species: Rabbit

Place of Origin: Bowlaynee Castle

Appearance: Stout, burly male rabbit of middle age, somewhat wider than he is tall. Fur is completely white - eyes are brown. Wears a flop-brimmed straw hat with earholes, a long-sleeves black tunic, black paw-and-ankle cloth wraps, a dilapidated burgundy frock coat, and a burgundy-and-gold plaid sash (much the worse for wear) around the coat and tunic as a makeshift belt. Weilds an over-the-shoulder quiver crammed full of short throwing javelins. Sometimes also weilds a longbow.

Personality: Experienced tactician, full of common sense. Loves his family very much. Extremely Loyal.


Dunner was the husband of Mrs. Dunner , the father of Willdun, and the uncle of Yoogum. He was a sensible rabbit, and a dead shot with a javelin. Because of this, he was one of five Bowlaynian creatures sent by Laird Aiellyn MacScutta to seek out the eyrie of King Bluddfedder when the castle residents needed the eagle's help.

During the mission, Dunner and the rest happened upon the army of Lunarah Dawnrider and her vermin horde.They determined to free the slaves the Warlady had captured, sneaking in one night to do so. The attack went badly - only a handful were freed before the vermin were alerted - and the goodbeasts were forced to scatter and retreat. Dunner, fellow Bowlaynian Sherlyn, and four slaves managed to stay together, finding the abandoned wreck of Lunarah's ship Night Heron and hiding out in it until the Laird sent a rescue party. While they were there, they discovered and looted a massive hidden treasure within the ship.

Dunner later took part in the final battle against Lunarah, his skills as a fighter and bowbeast coming to the fore. He was badly wounded by a massive Bruinne, but survived to live to a ripe old age. He was a minor character - not much else is known.

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