Goes by: Dula the Second or Dula

Gender: Male

Species: Mouse

Place of Origin: Mossflower Woods

Appearance: Tall, thin, grim-faced young adult woodmouse; fur is extremely pale tan, almost cream colored, with white below. Eyes are golden brown. Wears a brown and black vertically-striped sleeveless tunic, and a black cowled hood. Also wears a black belt with a gold buckle. Has a gold earring. Weilds his father's crossbow.

Personality: Grim and Quiet.


Dula II was the brother of Raggle II and the son of Tings and Billeo, chieftains of the Branchbounders. Very little is known of him; he is only mentioned and does not actually appear. His namesake was a brave mouse who gave his life defending his father. He was a hunter and sniper by nature. He was a very minor character.

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