Species: stoat

origin: unknown

weapon: rusty cutlass

Appearance: Deddclaw was an old brown stoat with a creamy coloured belly. He had a bunch of hair, that looked like a beard, coming from his chin that was long enough to cover half his belly. He had a blue-grey coat that went to his waist and had a dark brown belt. 

Personality: He was smart and cunning. He also was made a captain in Zemmerug's corsair crew. He fought well, and was the only survivor other than his captain, Whitepaw, and Waggy after the battle of gnarlspike.


Deddclaw was first seen on Zemmerug Zitspike's corsair ship. He was a captain in the crew, the only other one being Whitepaw. He was well liked by all, but he detested Hookbod's stupidity and he questioned that Hookbod's mate, Dropwirt was killed by a dead rat, suspecting, that Hookbod himself killed Dropwirt. He was in command of a squad of guards, during the time he spent on land in a campsite. He was somewhat boastful, but very loyal to his captain. He was a minor character, and nothing else is known of him.

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