The Cutthroat Falcon was the slave ship of Atran the Tyrant. It is scuttled during a fight with Zemmerug Zitspike and his crew. The ship sailed off, and ended up beached after a storm.


Shape: a bit like a frigate, long and flat with many oarports.

Deck: It had a large top-deck, a crew quarters, and presumably a galley, brig, and hold.

Size: It was a small frigate, and was well matched by Zemmerug's sloop.

Sails: It had four masts, one at the front, one at the back, and two mainmasts in the middle. It was however, quite slow.


Not much is known of the Cutthroat Falcon's origins, but it eventually came into the hands of Atran the Tyrant and his army. He had a destiny that he wanted to reach quickly and therefore killed Rugger the Steersrat for not sailing fast enough. His ship eventually was attacked by the Midnight Fury, and Zemmerug, and the corsair weasel ended up with most of the slaves aboard. Atran never reached his destiny. 





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