Species: Ferret

Origin: unknown

weapon: Rusty, old, cutlass

appearance: A black ferret with a white belly. He has black eyes, white paws, a white nosetip, and a white tailtip. He had a brown belt with a rusty cutlass, but he didn't always carry it.

Personality: Cramble was a dull-minded ferret who disliked Selk. He was in Guffrag the Grim's army. He only wanted to follow orders from his captains, not fellow soldiers.


Cramble was first seen when Selk wanted him to lead Frinal, Dargoll, and Ringlash to Guffrag. He resisted, but was forced into action. Later, he and Selk argued again, and he fell overboard. He couldn't swim, so he drowned. He was a very minor character.

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