Gender: Female

Eye color: Brown

Species: Squirrel

Place of Origin: Mossflower

Appearance: Chloe is a redish pink fur squirrel, she wears a pink dress or sometimes wears blue jeans and a tank top she also wears ear rings made of gold or has dimonds attached to them it all depends what she wants to wear.

Weapons: Chloe carries a flail, a tazur and is good at throwing daggers. most of all she uses her charmand beauty as a weapon against any vermin or problem.


Chloe is a sweet and kind hearted and is very fun to be around with though she can be really silly at times. she is the second smart besides Isa


Chloe was born in Mossflower along with her sisters Jane and Isa they came from a proud family of tree climbers and worriors. She was also a talented cook at Redwall Abbey, and was the head cook, though she did hav some trouble with Russell, a hare that she has to deal with alot, and she also secretly has a crush on, soon they became to get closer and he started to help Chloe in the kitchen at this time, they started to fall in love, soon Chloe invited Russell to join her to a friend's birthday in Noonvale, during the journy, Chloe and Russell had become very close, during their camp out half way to Noonvale, Chloe and Russell confessed their love for one another.

Age: 18

Relationships: Russell (Cook partner/Husband) A couple of boyfriends and lots of friends in Mossflower

Family: Isa (Sister) Jane (Sister) Russell (Husband)