Species: Rat

Origin: n/a

Weapon: Cutlass

Appearance: A long-nosed thin rat. Wears a greenish-grey vest. Is very lazy and is always trying to sneak extra rations into his mouth.He was very stupid and supersticous

Personality: A very hungry rat, although very thin. He is greedy and lazy. He dislikes Skullug, as Skullug, being the cook, does not let him have extra rations whenever he pleases. Zemmerug Zitspike, his captain, does not approve of his sneaking extra rations and he accidently tells the captain once that he was stealing extra rations, hence his stupidity. He is killed on the Cutthroat Falcon, when the mast falls down onto him and a rat he was about to slay. He was a minor character and not much is known about him.


Not much is known about Captain Dagg's beginings as he was a minor character but is known that he was supersticous. He was first seen trying to get some extra rations out of Skullug. Kubber the Steersman oftenly mocks him. He was a very minor character. 

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