Gender: Male

Species: Stoat

Place of Origin: Land of Ice and Snow

Appearance: Very broad and muscular middle-aged stoat, tan above, cream below, with a black nose, eyes, and tailtip. Posture and expression radiates a practical aura of ill-temper. Wears a short-sleeved chain-mail shirt beneath a sleeveless blackish-blue tunic - this is belted with an offensively bright green sash. He also as a long hooded cloak of the same green color. For accessories, wears silver hoop through his nose, and two very large silver armbands that almost reach his elbow. Weilds a whip and a short-bladed sword.

Personality: Cruel, cold-hearted, and sadistic. Loves to inflict pain on otherbeasts. A bit obsessive-complusive for a vermin; can't abide the slightest sign of anybeast slacking or doing something incorrectly.


Blunge was one of the slave-drivers aboard Lunarah Dawnrider's ship Night Heron. He inhereted Spot as his personal slave from the late rat Norvig, and treated her extremely badly. He and Greeby were often paired in missions onland. He was beaten to within an inch of his life by Scotty Bluefleck, but was actually killed by his own captain, for being so weak as to allow the haremaid to injure him. His apparent favorite phrase was "Do I make meself clear?"

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