Gender: Male

Species: Eagle

Place of Origin: Northern Highlands

Appearance: Very large and extremely old golden eagle; still bulky and powerful-looking in frame. Face feathers and some of the ones on his back are thinning and silver. Eyes are in a fixed squint, and are bloodshot and cloudy with age. Wears a golden chain on his head like a circlet crown; this has a gold disk with a deep purple garnet in it as a centerpiece. Also wears a cravat of black and purple about his neck, fastened with a blunted golden needle.

Personality: Hot-headed and a bit short-tempered, but with a fierce and noble heart.



Bluddfedder was the King of the Highlands Eagles, and the unofficial head of the Council of Warlike Highland Birds. He and his younger brother Prince Hooktalon, though sharing familial loyalties, did not get along very well and argued on every imaginable subject. They were fond of the haremaid Scotty Bluefleck and her friends, and often helped her when her home was under attack by ravens or other evil birds. Bluddfedder was a little less helpful than Hooktalon, because he could not see or fly very well, and also was a bit aloof in personality when it came to mammals.

Despite his aloofness and consistently disparaging comments, Bluddfedder was actually much fonder of good "landcrawlers" than he would let on. He actually gave his life in order to help some slaves escape from Lunarah Dawnrider and her crew. He was too old to fly, let alone go into battle; however, he was too proud to admit his weaknesses and attacked anyway. He flew blindly into the vermin ranks, killing quite a few of them in a beserk frenzy but also badly injuring himself in the process. Too badly wounded to take off again, he was brought down by several ropes and grapnels. After his death, Lunarah beheaded him and took his crown for herself. His body was later burned by Lady Gale and several others from the Council. 

His death was heavily mourned by all the birds in the Council, and was the single biggest blow to Highlander morale in the course of the entire war. Hooktalon became King in his stead, eventually recovering the crown after Lunarah was slain in battle. One of his first orders as King was that his brother should be forever remembered; he had ruled longer than any other eagle in history. To this day, the banner of Bowlaynee Castle bears the insignia of a black and red eagle on a gold background, bearing broken chains in his talons. The outline of the symbol is also carved into the Council's meeting rock, with two bright garnets implanted as eyes.

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