• Burglebuber

    Musdet the Wild

    January 3, 2014 by Burglebuber

    Musdet the Wild was a vicious wildcat tyrant. She had a large army, of rats, foxes, and weasels. She had sent out Brunvo and Baverm, two weasels, in charge of a band of foragers to look for food. Her castle, Nidvora Castle, was located just south of mossflower, in a scrubby plain. Baverm and Brunvo were deep in mossflower, nearby to redwall abbey. They were exchanging terms with the abbey itself.

    "Opin yer gates an' leddus in!" Shouted Baverm, a brawny male weasel. Brunvo cuffed him.

    "Yore nought but a burly ole fool! Now lissen to me, idjit! Let's play guddbeasts widdem!" Said the skinnier, but slier weasel. He looked up at Nibsy Quilspikes, the gatekeeper. "Ahoy, gennelbeasts! Kin ye leddus in? We're messengers from Musdet th'Wild, Warlady…

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  • Burglebuber

    Villain Names, Species

    September 27, 2013 by Burglebuber

    These are some names for villains that I have thought up. Pls say the ones you like, or dislike in the comments. You can also propse new names. 

    Tolag (fox)

    Skunge (rat)

    Rimzal Ragefur (Stoat)

    Mangefang Riphart (Fox)

    Zangardd Nashfang (idk!??)

    Darkbludd Clawdeath (rat)

    Rattoe (weasel)

    Doggal (rat)

    Naggers (rat)

    Scumoe (rat)

    Tegedd (fox)

    Ole Grinwhisker (fox)

    Forgill (rat)

    Luggchop (rat)

    Stinkeye (rat)

    Baverm (Stoat)

    Nidvora (rat)

    Blunvo (ferret)

    Furrad (rat)

    Locktail (rat)

    Flangnose (weasel)

    Plaggud (ferret)

    note: If i like a name, and you guys vote against it, i will still use it. If i dislike a name, but you want it, i probably will not use it. There is still debate in me on whether or not i will use these though, so that would be a rare case. :)

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  • ScottyBlue

    Both young ones shrieked in terror when Bagnose, who had (as it turned out) taken the shortcut tunnel to the pool, sprang out from the shadows. He grabbed Vaccar by the tail. "Yahahaharrrr, goin' someplace, ploppypaws?"

    Vaccar took off running again, his sheer desperation tapping into some undiscovered reserve of strength. Bagnose was caught off guard; he skidded and stumbled across the damp tidal cave floor, still grasping his quarry's tail. He dug his heels in, yanking backwards. "Stoppit, ye fool....unghk!"

    Vaccar had put on an extra burst of speed, jerking his tail free; the force sent the would-be assasin slamming back-first into a huge stalagmite. For a second, he stared through wide-open eyes at Vaccar; then, he slowly slumped down to…

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  • Skywarp22

    new wiki

    May 6, 2012 by Skywarp22

    someone please tell me how to make a live chat on my new wiki.

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  • Wedgeback

    Redclaw is a red furred stoat. He is armed with a knife and spear, like me and is a horde leader.

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  • ScottyBlue

    Hi Everyone!

    I have several characters (Pine Martens, mostly) who appear only as mentions in my story Gingiverian, but who will play a bigger part in Little Flower; there are also a few who are just minor characters that I don't have descriptions for yet. I like to have visual descriptions for every character I make, but I thought I'd let the members on here have some fun here. If you have a suggestion for a visual description for any one of these characters, please contact me via the comments. The characters in question are:

    • Beroona (Wildcat)
    • Burmin (Pine Marten)
    • Dunpaw (Pine Marten)
    • Greyfleck (Pine Marten)
    • Kordun (Pine Marten)
    • Oakwen (Mouse)
    • Pennanti (Fisher)
    • Praydee (Searat)
    • Ridgeback (Pine Marten)
    • Semola (Mouse)

    Suggestions for personality also are …

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  • ~SableQueanVilaya~


    February 11, 2012 by ~SableQueanVilaya~

    Corbus is rude :) I call him Corby

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  • ~SableQueanVilaya~

    I'm bored out of mind so I am making an offer. Anyone who wants to come chat with me in the Secret of NIMH wiki I made is welcome! Just go to '' and you'll see a button that says "chat".

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  • ~SableQueanVilaya~

    I was recently surfing around ED (Encyclopedia Dramatica). I typed in 'Redwall' in the search box and an article came up. I read about half of it. Its horribly apparent that ED didn't do their research about Redwall and its books and tv series. The article is full of insulting opinions about the books. There is hardly any facts at all. I just thought I'd mention this. Whoever doesn't like Redwall must live a very sad life.

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  • ~SableQueanVilaya~


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  • ScottyBlue


    February 1, 2012 by ScottyBlue

    (Comments appreciated)

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  • ScottyBlue

    If you've read my fanfics and want to create a page for one of my characters, feel free to do so. I don't mind at all; I may make corrections if needed but I'll try not to mess with them too much. Just please post them in this format:



    Place of Origin:




    Character's story goes here.

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  • ScottyBlue

    Character Artist Info

    February 1, 2012 by ScottyBlue

    Below is a list of all the characters I have created; this list is also on the Redwall Wiki. These are their Physical descriptions, for the sake of those who wish to draw them. These descriptions are not all given in the stories; this is just how I see the characters. UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED, NONE OF THE CHARACTERS HAVE EXTRA HAIR ON THEIR HEADS!

    Scotty lives in the northern mountains so she bundles up in the winter; therefore, summer and winter descriptions are given seperately.

    Hare with sandy white fur, mottled with slate-blue and pale grey splotches. Eyes are brown; claws, whiskers, and fur above white part of tailbob are dark grey. Wears a longsleeved white dress shirt with a dark blue vest over it. Also wears a colorful tartan (plaid) k…

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  • ~SableQueanVilaya~

    My New Wiki.

    January 29, 2012 by ~SableQueanVilaya~

    Hey guys!

    I just want to announce that I have made a new Wiki called The Secret of NIMH wiki and I'd really appreciate it if you would join and add pages, fan art, and stuff to it. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

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  • Riftgard Princess

    Well, it's me, RGP, or Meeks, as i prefer. as you all probably know, i am an expert on creating fanon characters. heres the rub.

    If you are having trouble creating a character, either a redwall fursona, or you need a character for a fanfiction and you're blank for who they are and what they'll do, or your Redwall fursona or OC needs a love interest, come here and ask.

    however, you will not get it for free (heeheehee) JK, You can't pay me =3

    what i do ask for is credit, AKA, biological mother rights, and that you pass on my business card, so to speak...

    also, i want to use this page to discuss theme songs. if you have a theme song for your character, share it with us on the comments.

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  • Ailavyn Siniyash

    She is an ottermaid who lives in Noonvale. She is of average height, with piercing blue eyes. Her fur is darkish brown. She often wears light blue dress with a white length of cord around her waist and a short green shawl. Her father is Skipper of Noonvale Otters. She is best friends with a mousemaid named Lenai and a badgermaid named Dexna. She is an expert voice and accent imitator and an okay singer.

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  • ~SableQueanVilaya~

    Break out the wine ya'll, because I have now increased the redwall rpg wiki to a whopping 125 pages! I have invented some redwall characters who were never in books (all my ideas of course), and gave them unique personalities. I even made up a new abey far from Redwall, called Greengage Abbey. This new abbey is located near a small town called Greenfields Town. Well, thanks to my wonderful imagination, we now have 125 pages on the wiki! I ain't done yet though. My goal is to increase it up to 200 pages.

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  • Eyegrim

    My Characters

    November 3, 2011 by Eyegrim

    Name: Eyegrim

    Gender: Male

    Eye color:Ruby-red

    Species: Monitor Lizard

    Place of Origin: Jungels far across the southern Sea

    Appearance: Larger than most reptiles, with dark brown scales witch are criss-crossed with scars, ruby-red eyes that seemed always to glow with suppressed anger and the mighty muscles Eyegrim offers one awe-inspiring sight. He wears a suit of armor made of black steel that coveres him from neck to tail. His helmet is adapted to his head and let out of his nostrils, eyes and lower jaw nothing free.

    Weapons: Double- Handed Curved Sword, Spear with a Tip of Obsidian, Natural Defense

    Personality: War-proofed Warrior and Tactican. Hard but fair to his underbeasts. Sometimes affected by Bloodwrath.

    Backstory: As the only son of Zulk…

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  • Lord Rose Thorn

    Personally I love Barty a lot and me and him have had a few playfull spats here and there but he is always funny when doing so. Barty to me is considered to be a good friend and a preciouse gem that should never be lost for any reason. Barty is an awesome person who in my opinion should be revered with the highest respect one could muster. If he and I ever have another playfull little spat I'll be sure to include it here and will await comments patiently, and if Barty is reading, I would like to say YOUR A BIG FAT FLUFFY BUNNY WITH AN EATING DISORDER! Top that!

    Bartholomew Billberry Bowstring Shut yer blisterin' gob, y' bollywogglin' snapesnipin' bootbottomed ol' toad!

    Lord Rose Thorn Littlelimbed, big bellied, scoffswipin old cur of a Wildcat!


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  • RatthiasTheWarrior


    August 25, 2011 by RatthiasTheWarrior

    Ello, I'm Ratthias. That is all....

    Ratthias The Warrior Forever Mighty, Forever Strong

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  • Brigadier Barty

    Heyo Ratthias!

    August 25, 2011 by Brigadier Barty

    Heyo Ratthias, m' mouse, m' chap! `Ow's it goin'?

    Bartholomew Billberry Bowstring 20:34, August 25, 2011 (UTC)

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