Species: Skink

Origin: Valley of the Thieving Hoard

Weapon: Blowdart made from reeds and darts dipped in poison, Dagger

Appearance: He's a dark black skink with icy blue eyes that always give him away. He has a streak of brown on his head. He wears a small leather belt that contains his blowdart and darts, his dagger, and a small pouch consisting of bread pieces and a couple gold pieces.

Personality: Benugarr is the stealthiest lizard of the North. Benugarr talks no more than he needs to, and would never reveal a promise, even when faced with death. He proclaims to be, "The Thieving Shadow".


He once lived in the Valley of the Thieving Hoard with his many brothers and sisters. One night, he escaped. He set out towards Redwall unknowingly. He stole from any woodlanders he could find and continued towards Redwall. Eventually, he came to Redwall and looked upon it as a thieves paradise.

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