Gender: Male

Species: Weasel

Place of Origin: Far South Coasts

Appearance: Young adult weasel with a large black nose that flops a bit. Fur is white, patching to greyish tan - claws and eyes are black. Has a small fish's skeleton tatooed in red on the backs of his forepaws, with more fish and serpent skeleton tattooes up his paws almost past the elbow. Wears an intricate sleeveless black fur and blue lizardskin robe, with a wide satiny black sash. Also wears a gold armband on his upper left arm. Tail is gone; Left leg is scarred and somewhat deformed on the back from a sharkbite. Weilds a spear.

Personality:Stupid and stolid, with no moral judgements or inhibitions whatsoever. Has a rather brutal sense of humor.


SPOILERS! If you haven't read LITTLE FLOWER you might not want to read this!!!

Bagnose was born and raised in The Destruction horde of cannabalistic weasels. He did not know his parents. At a young age, Bagnose became one of the followers of Gree Doomblade, a persuasive, sadistic, bullying peer who had decided he would take over from Redfang as Cheiftain when he grew older. Bagnose followed Gree implicitly and without question his entire life, being too stupid to try to advance his own ends.

Bagnose and Gree took it upon themselves to torture Vaccar, the Chieftain's son, whenever they felt like it. When Vaccar decided to flee the vermin life, Bagnose, Gree and several others pursued him in an attempt to drag him back. The chase wound up in the sea, where a shark attack abruptly ended it. Bagnose was one of the lucky ones who escaped, though he lost his tail in the fray.

The next morning, an enraged Gree fufilled his dream of killing Redfang, and promoted Bagnose to second in command. Though Bagnose was a feared creature in the horde, he was really only a second Gree, his every thought and attitude being controled behind the scenes by his cheif. He even wed the mate Gree chose for him - a weaselmaid named Virnta, who was just as loyal and stupid as he was. For fifteen seasons, he and Virnta served Gree as his chief spies and head Officers.

Only on two known occasions did Bagnose act entirely of his own volition. The first was ordering the death of the best healer in the area, as her eerie accuracy of seer's predictions terrified Virnta. Later, on a reconnaisance mission, he instigated a rocklide on some goodbeasts for the fun of it. This was a fatal mistake, as the heron Goliath witnessed the deed; the good bird hunted down the pair and slew them both, as well as all the other weasels under their command.

Bagnose was one of many dead creatures who later haunted Gree in a nightmare.

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