Species: Rat

Origin: n/a

Weapon: Huge Broadsword

Appearance: Has dark red fur and wears a long black hooded cloak. At times, only his face, ankles, and footpaws were visible. He wears a reddish brown vest with white buttons. 

Personality: He is a very fierce and strict rat, although he is a coward at heart and values his life more than anything, including his slaves and riches. He likes to set "examples" to his crew by punishing missdoers infront of everybody. His power relies on his strength and his sword. He has a faithful Lieutenant named Grimlock, who he would never kill even if he wanted too, for Grimlock was too valueable a soldier. 



Not much is known about Atran's past. He owned a ship named the Cutthroat Falcon and had a vast army of over 500 rats aboard. He was a slaver and had 100 oarslaves and they were well guarded. At one point he met up with the corsair crew of Zemmerug Zitspike and a lifelong rivalry was borne between the two captains. He lost a sea-battle against the corsair and his ship ended up scuttled on some shore rocks. He set out on land in search of a place to conquer with his remaining army of about 485. He met up again with Zitspike, who had been beached in a storm, and another fight broke out. He lost once more and 10 of his rats were killed. He and Zitspike went their separate ways after this but they both ended up in Mossflower woods.After a few battles Atran decided to seige the Redwallers but before that could happen Burglebuber Sixclaw got in the way of his plans and challenged the tyrant to a battle. Atran heartily accepted knowing that he could easily kill the ferret. He was about to slay the unfortunate ferret when his sword hit the ground. It had been knocked out of his hand by Zemmerug Zitspike who had sneaked uo behind him. The rat turned in suprise but when he wasn't facing towards Burglebuber, the ferret stabbed him from the back and ended the tyrants reign. Eventually, his horde was all slain.

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