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Pronuciation: ask- OH - sha

Goes By: Scotty

Gender: Female

Species: Mountain Hare

Place of Origin: Bowlaynee Castle

Appearance: Reportedly a dead ringer for her ancestor Yrma MacScutta in face and fur pattern. Has sandy grey fur, mottled with blue/slate marks. Eyes are brown;nose is grey. Wears a white shirt, blue vest, rainbow-colored plaid kilt and scarf, and a blue tam-o-shanter hat with a red pompon. Also has a black belt with a silver buckle which has a sgian dhu thrust through it, and a hardwood walking stick with two falcon feathers tied to it.

Personality: Very laid back and peaceful; getting her angry is quite the task. More a musician, artist, and composer of written works than a warrior. Has a broad imagination. Enjoys singing and playing her fife. Does not speak with as strong an accent as other northern hares. Hates her real name with a vengeance.


Illustration 00630

Another picture of Scotty

Ascotia started going by the nickname Scotty very early on, not caring much for her real name; nobeast uses that name now, unless she is in a good deal of trouble.

Scotty is a very distant relative of Laird Bosie MacScutta of Bowlaynee, and a Chief Gardner/Minstrel-in-training of Bowlaynee Castle . Daugher of Divlee and Arith Bluefleck, she was born and raised in Bowlaynee castle, though she travels to Redwall on occasion to visit with friends there. She suffered a bad fall when she was young and sustained a severe injury that left her with a bit of a limp, most visible when running. Sometimes the affected limb "seizes up" during cold weather; hence the walking stick.

Scotty is very close friends with the eagles and falcons that inhabit the northern mountains, but hates the ravens, who ruthlessly destroy her gardens and attack the more peaceable hares. She keeps two falcon feathers tied to her stick to warn any invading ravens that she can call up her fiercer comerades at any time. She has two sisters, Gabbie and Sherlyn, whom she loves very much. She is an extremely avid gardener, and usually can be found out there, either tending to the flowers and plants, or sitting somewhere among them writing on her stories. She also paints with her younger sister Sherlyn, and watches her baby sister Gabbie, teaching her some of her skills. This latter task often inlcudes other baby leverets of Castle residents, whom Scotty is currently trying to organize into a proper Dibbuns' choir.

Scotty was responsible for the rescue of The Phantoms and a large group of oarslaves from a band of vermin. She is particularly friendly with Cloud, the leader of the Phantoms; in fact, she considers Cloud to be one of her nearest and dearest friends. {stub}