Gender: Female

Species: Hare

Place of Origin: Salamandastron

Appearace: Slightly less than Middle Aged, tall female hare - full figured, but not fat or stocky. Fur is reddish tan, white below, with dark brown paws and eartips. Nose is pink; eyes are hazel brown. Wears a long, green and blue plaid skirt which reaches her footpaws, a poofy-sleeved green shirt, and a broad black belt with a gold buckle. Also has a delicate gold necklace with a green gem for a pendant.

Personality: Very neat and tidy. No one questions the fact she is completely in charge where family domestic matters are concerned. Likes hiking but prefers relaxing with a book.


Arith Bluefleck (née MacWhitten-Harrah) is is the wife of Divlee Bluefleck and the mother of Scotty, Gabbie, and Sherlyn Bluefleck. She was the only daughter of the MacWhitten-Harrah family of Salamandastron, where she was raised even though the warmer southern climate didn't suit her. She met Divlee through a mutual friend and wed him, coming back north with him to live in Bowlaynee Castle, where she was installed as Head Cook after a short time proved she was the best (and the most dominant personality) of the cooks there. She appreciates her husband's proud family history as minstrels and will sing with him when asked, though doesn't sing alone or often as it's not really her metier. She loves her daughters and would do anything for them. She is slightly wary of big birds like falcons and hawks, and is a bit uncomfortable at the rest of the familiy's friendship with them.

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