Gender: Female

Eye color: Brown

Species: Fox

Place of Origin: Unknown


Angel is a blue fur fox, she is a Blue fox with few red markings on her fur, she is very slim, but she been told, that she is tough, she wears a dark brown tunic or habit, she also has couple tattoos, that she got, proving she is a vermin warrior, she also has bracelets that she wears around her wrists or half way on her tail. she is drop dead gorgeous and any beast that tries, will lose their lives.

Weapons: She carry's a set of daggers that have fatal poison, that she added herself, the poison is fatal but curable, she also carry's her father's battle axe that she worked on, so it wasn't heavy for her to use, she also has a long sword for a backup weaon.


Angel is a mean and sinister vixen, she is drop dead gorgeous, which makes her twice as dangerous to any beast that dares to try win her over, will be killed with out any thought, she is also hot headed and she will kill anyone who tries to calm her down, she can be reasonable when somebeast saves her life or pays her alot for work.


Not much is know about Fate's early life, but when she was around the age of 15, she had been trained to be a healer as well, as a well trained assassin, she helped others, but took pleasure in taking her time, when she turned 18, Angel was given the name "Fate" due to her way of deciding on what fate beasts will have, if they should live or die, when she was an assassin, she showed mercy to any unarmed beast, but slaughtered anybeast that was armed or tried to fight her in combat, from the age of 25, Angel used her name "Angel" to flirt with weak minded beasts that were easy to get infomation from, once she had gathered the info, she would slaughter the beast, no matter if they young or old, Fate journed to the east of Mossflower, to get started on her next mission, The theft of Martin the Warrior's sword, during the age of 27, she had made a horde that she ruled with an iron paw, and she trained each beast with brute force or a slight bit of tenderness or pittyness, soon her horde was big enough to begin their journey to Redwall Abbey, and to finish the mission Angel hired them for.

Age: 27

Relationships: None at the momen.

Family: Mother (Dead) Father (Missing) Siblings (Slaughtered by vermin)
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Angel "Fate" Darkclaw, during peaceful times and before she turned into the fox she is now.

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