Pronunciation: AH - h'may (slur the last two syllables together)

Gender: Female

Species: Bat

Place of Origin: Whisperer's Caverns

Appearance: Very old and wizened female bat of a large fruit-eating species. What little fur is left is silky silver, and the bare skin on the wings, muzzle, ears, and limbs is chalky grey. Wears a violet-colored sash about her neck, which is pinned by a large gold brooch, and ends in tassels almost at her feet. Wings and ears are pockmarked with holes.

Personality: Wise, calm, and philosophical.


Ahamai was the Empress of the Whisperer tribe of bats, and ruled them for more seasons than anybeast could care to remember. She was the mother of the Princes Muddwing and Ijago - the former was her successor, and the latter abandoned his princely job so he could serve as a Captain in her army. She was a well-beloved ruler, and very wise - though some criticized her as being slow to act, her solutions, when she finally came up with them, were usually sound.

In her younger years, Ahamai was rebellious, and served among the fighter bats in her father's patrol (this was what inspired her son Ijago). She continued to go out and fight, against her fond followers wishes, after she became Empress - this eventually caused her to be badly wounded when vermin shot her down with an arrow through the wing. She was badly beaten by the vermin, but was rescued by Log-a-Log Luglug and his Guosim. This prompted an alliance between the Guosim and the Whisperers, which lasted for many generations.

Because of injuries sustained in the previous incedent, Ahamai was left with far too many holes in her wings to ever allow her to fly again. She swore, much to the relief of her courtiers, to remain in the Whisperer's Caverns as long as she was able to do so. She also learned how to walk upright without stumbling, a massive feat no bat before or since had managed.

Ahamai finally left her cavern when vermin from the Ranks of the Shadow invaded and captured her. Her superior manner so irritated one weasel that he disobeyed orders and killed her with his spear.

Ahamai was a minor character. Nothing further is known.

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