Gender: Male

Species: Mole

Place of Origin: Redwall Abbey

Appearance: A short, stout, youngish adult mole with grey-black fur and long digging claws. Wears a slightly dirty black shirt, grey vest, and black pantaloons, and usually has a red bandanna covering his head. Also wears a sling and pouch about his middle.

Personality: Has a quiet authority. Occasionally picks fights with youngbeasts, not being that old himself. A bit of a glutton.


Aggit was Foremole of Redwall Abbey during the reign of Abbess Saffron. He led his molecrew with wisdom and calmness, most of the time; however, when it was a matter of ownership of food, he was not above arguing and even coming to blows on the point. He helped to bury the fallen on the goodbeast's side, following The Ambush of Dankfur; he and Skipper Windryder also jointly headed up the repair effort when parts of the Abbey were damaged by the worst thunderstorm in generations. Aggit was a very minor character; little else is known.

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