Abbot Derio is the abbot of Redwall Abbey. He is an albino mouse, a very rare breed of mouse in Mossflower. He has creamy, pure white fur, pink nose, and pink eyes. Derio has very good eyesight. He usually wears a dark green habit of is order and is in his younger seasons. Derio is the very first Albino Mouse abbot of Redwall. Many believe that his fur had been deformed at birth. Derio declines this and says that his white fur and pink eyes are natural.

Derio is a very caring, loving, patient mouse. His wife, Abbess Sara, is not an albino mouse. She has creamy tan fur. Derio and Sara are the first mouse couples that are leaders of the abbey, since the abbey was always led by either an abbot or abbess, not both at one time.

Derio, unlike the past abbots, is a warrior. He is not the redwall champion however. His weapons are a spear, sling, and a crossbow.His sister is Springpaw Tuarus, the Head Cook of Redwall.

Abbot Derio Tuarus:

Age- 23-28 seasons.

Appearance- Tall, lanky. Is an Albino Mouse, meaning he has white fur, and a pink nose and eyes.

Positions- Abbot, warrior.

Weapons- Spear, crossbow, sling.

Eyes- Rosy pink.

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